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The New Type of Gaming Career You Might Be Perfect For

You’ve probably been a gamer for years, honing your skills, and mastering your favorite games.  You know, the ones you’ve got 1000+ hours of playtime in, that you would happily skip work to play all day; the games that you’ve become an expert in and passionate about.  Hmm, what if there was a way to make a living playing those games?  Have you ever wished you could make a living in gaming without having to go to a game development college, or monotonously test unfinished games?  What if all that time you spent playing your favorite games could give you something other than mere entertainment value, by paying off for you financially?


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m about to tell you that “yes, there is a way!”  Before I tell you exactly what it is, I want to explain why this is going to be the next big career in gaming.  In 2014, we had the largest ever esport tournament prize pool at the Dota 2 International Championships.  The prize pool for this event exceeded the prize pools for the 2014 Masters Tournament, the Tour de France, and yes, even the Super Bowl.  An estimated one in four gamers now participate in esports, and according to Newzoo about 33.8 million(2013 figures) gamers watch or participate in esports.  If you didn’t already know, competitive gaming is experiencing immense growth that will continue for many years.  This means huge amounts of money pouring into gaming, and an enormous amount of people wanting to get in on all that fame and cash!  And that is where you have the opportunity to launch your new career.


This career will also help to catapult gaming into the stratosphere as a legitimate sport and spectator sport.  As technologies improve and develop, and virtual reality(VR) becomes an everyday activity, digital sports and the novelty and excitement they bring, will begin to overtake traditional real world sports like football and basketball and soccer.  In the future you won’t just watch “coverage” of your favorite sport, you will don your own VR headset and watch the game from your favorite players own point of view, or zoom out and watch from any angle or distance you choose.  Digital sports are going to offer so much that traditional sports cannot, and this is your chance to get in on the new coming age of sporting at the beginning.  Yes, gaming tournaments and esports have been around for years now, but what we’ve seen so far is nothing like what is to come.


This new gaming career is at this time relatively unknown.  There is almost no mention of it to be found through Google searches, and little if any attention is paid to it from the gaming media.  And this is why it is the perfect time to get started.  This service is in high demand, except that no out there is offering it, so the demand goes unfulfilled.  The Sublime Gamer community seeks to change this by making it known far and wide in the worldwide gaming community that this important service is now available.  This new career, which is a very valuable service for those in the competitive gaming community, is gamer training.


There is a vast and rapidly growing segment of the gaming population that desires to take their skills and results to a higher level.  They desire to compete for a growing amount of cash, prizes, and fame.  That is where you come in.  If there is a game that you are a skilled expert at, there are many players out there that would love to quickly reach higher skill levels in the game, and many of them would be willing to pay you to teach, train, and coach them to your level and beyond.  The thing is, no one is offering this huge market of players the opportunity to hire a trainer or coach, until now.  This means you have no competition for your services, so you can dominate the market, and we will bring you the customers.

More money and fame and excitement is going to be coming to the gaming world than we can now imagine.  Those who establish themselves now in the many niches of gaming will be set up financially for the long-term, working from home and on the road, living a life of fun and freedom.  In a few years when the top gaming teams are recruiting free agents for multi-million dollar contracts, how much will the coaches and trainers of those players be making?  It’s going to be a lot!

If you want to learn how to get started with becoming a trainer yourself or hiring a trainer to coach you, check out those sections of our website.  We intend to be the premier training group for all of the top competitive games.  Join our community and find out how far you can take your passion for gaming, and the type of lifestyle it will soon afford you @

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