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The Future of Gaming

Imagine if you will, an army of miniature drones flying around the world with super high resolution cameras photographing every bit of landscape and every building from every angle, leaving out people and private locations.  As they capture these images the data is sent to supercomputers that compile everything into a 3D digital world in stunning life-like detail.  While this is going on, you step into a room where your body is scanned and digitized with such precision that someone looking at you and your digital self cannot tell the difference.  Next you customize the appearance of your avatar in any way you choose.  You can have bigger muscles, cooler hair, wild tattoos, or anything else you can imagine.


Then you don your virtual reality gear and prepare to enter the next big world wide sport, taking place in the most amazing and exotic real world locations recreated in perfect detail.  In this sport you are not limited by the strength of your body, but by the power, will, and focus of your mind.  This sport could be anything, and will take many different forms.  It will be traditional sports like football or soccer as well as many new sports that we have never seen, now accessible to anyone with a powerful enough mind to compete, even if the player’s real world body is crippled, too small, too young, too frail, or too old to compete in the physical sporting world.  This is a new level playing field that gives everyone the chance to stand out and do great things.  The dominant sports of this day could be modern or medieval combat, low gravity football, zombie survival, jet races around the planet, or parkour games that would be far too dangerous to do in the real world.


This new gaming world is coming.  The Oculus Rift virtual reality technology is just the beginning and a tip of the iceberg.  Are you ready for this new world?  Is your mind trained to be a master of the virtual domain and to dominate in the new sports that are coming?  Are you ready to test yourself to see if you can be one that will be the next big name in sports?

Gaming esports are becoming bigger and more publicized every year.  In South Korea stadiums fill up with excited fans to watch Starcraft tournaments, and this is just the beginning.  I believe that we will see digital sports begin to take over physical ones in the coming years.  As our technologies improve, the types of digital competitive games that will be possible will be much more exciting, interesting, and dynamic than traditional sports.  We will see viewers and corporate sponsors and mass media shift their attention to the coming wave of esports and eathletes.


A central aspect of The Sublime Gamer is to offer cutting-edge gaming success strategies to hobby gamers and aspiring professional eathletes.  Already in today’s world anyone with the skills and/or the personality can become a gaming professional or celebrity through sites like,, and others, or by working their way up through the esport gaming circuit.  Everyone has the opportunity to make their mark on the world with these new technologies and interfaces, and you don’t have to be rich or college educated to get started.


Speaking of college, Robert Morris University of Illinois has just announced(2014) that they will be offering athletic scholarships to skilled League of Legends players, so soon you may be able to have a college experience built around your skill as a gamer.  The door is wide open and it won’t be long before most colleges are offering gaming scholarships.  Things in the gaming world are changing rapidly and there is no telling what other amazing things there are in store for us as gamers, but if we as individuals set a strong intention to be our best, always improve and expand ourselves, and carve out a niche in the gaming world, our passion for gaming will definitely be able to support us in living as gaming professionals in many different ways.  The gaming world is going to need more than just top-tier players.  It is experiencing a growing need for charismatic commentators and gaming journalists, next gen game and technology designers, and e-athlete coaches and trainers.


The Sublime Gamer will be playing a role in this new gaming world as a community organization and training supplier for gaming hobbyists who just play for fun as well as aspiring and current gaming professionals.  We would like to connect with skilled writers, commentators and streamers, web designers, and high-level players of popular multiplayer games who are interested in being professional trainers or coaches.
The point here is to inspire you to set your sights as high as you can imagine, and then continue expanding your imagination farther and in bigger ways.  Dream big and go for exactly whatever vision of the future makes you the most excited and filled with passion.  Hold nothing back my friends!  Don’t look for your place in the world.  Create it!  The Sublime Gamer is here to be your partner and friend in this new gaming world.  Cheers!

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