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Stand While Playing?

Hey gamers,

 Today I want to talk about a unique way to improve your technique outside of the game itself.  It is the simple act of standing while playing.  You may have seen standing desks in places like high school wood shop or in factories, but there is a very good chance you’ve never seen one in someone’s home as a computer desk for gaming.


So, why would someone choose to stand instead of sit while gaming on their computer or perhaps even a console system?  Isn’t it more comfortable and effective to just sit down when you play?  The answer surprisingly, might be a big “No.”  In recent studies too much sitting has been found to lessen your mental health and decrease your lifespan.  “Lessen your mental health” huh?  With your mind being your primary tool for gaming, something that decreases it’s function is not a good thing for playing your best.  How much time do you spend sitting each day?  How much time while gaming?  How is the amount of time we spend sitting affecting our mental and physical health and ability to play our best?


In our ongoing quest to be continuously improving as gamers, we must consider things like this to give us that extra edge.  I’m not necessarily suggesting that you go out and buy a new computer desk, or never sit down again.  I know that I for one do not desire to stand up the whole time I’m on my computer, so a flexible solution is needed.  For now until I find a permanent solution that I like, I’ve found that stacking a combination of boxes on my desk for my keyboard, mouse, and monitor separately, I am able to comfortably stand up while playing and quickly remove the boxes whenever I am ready to sit again.  However, I like standing enough that I am looking into some of the products out there that are adjustable stations that hold your monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  These allow you to raise and lower all three items at once as you choose to sit or stand.


To be completely honest, I really feel good standing up while at the computer, at least part of the time.  I have higher energy levels, feel more flexible and nimble, and it is much easier to move around because I don’t have a chair in my way.  Because sitting too much can make significant negative impacts on your health, standing while gaming will in the short and long-term make a difference in your gaming success.


Standing increases your metabolism and energy, improves your posture, and increases blood flow, all of which are helpful to mental health and therefore to your gaming performances.  You should know that when you first begin standing for longer periods of time than you are used to, your body will take some time to adjust.  You might feel some muscle fatigue or soreness for a couple days while your body gets used to standing more, but very quickly it will feel completely normal and comfortable to stand for longer periods.  I would recommend getting an anti-fatigue mat to stand on, which will reduce strain on your feet, legs, and back and allow you to stand more comfortably for longer periods.


Try standing while gaming and let me know how you like it and if you feel it is helpful for improving your results in competitive gaming.




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