The Sublime Gamer is looking for highly skilled and experienced players of many popular multiplayer games to work with us as professional gaming trainers or coaches.


With some games being popular enough to fill stadiums with spectators and have multi-million dollar prize pools and many millions of players world-wide, there is a growing segment of gamers wanting to improve and reach skill levels that allow them to stay competitive.  Even in games that don’t currently have cash prizes there is fierce competition and a desire to excel.  Many of these players would be willing to pay to improve if only there was someone that was skilled enough and willing to take cash in exchange for training.  Well, now there is that someone: you!


It is our intention that both trainers and coaches can build up their training offering and client base to the point that they are making a solid full-time income working with gamers through our site.  Your profile page will be your place to organize your training products and describe yourself and what you can offer other gamers.  Here you can post free training videos to give potential trainees a taste of what you can teach them.  You can also charge for private in depth training videos, short guides, or complex ebooks that you’ve created, and we will support your success by promoting your products in our marketing.


As you develop your product offering and client base you could be selling 100s of copies of game guides a month and running profitable hourly rate training sessions daily. As our trainers produce quality training products, they will be featured on the main pages of our site, in our email newsletters, in off-site marketing, podcasts, gaming conventions, and anywhere else that we do business, to help you sell as many copies of your products and as many training sessions as possible to help you maximize your income.  We also will help you in any ways that we can to be successful with your services.
You set your own rates for your training and products(we do have a minimum rate for training sessions to keep our trainers time profitable), and if your services are in high demand, you can charge more.  We expect that the most in demand trainers in the top games will be charging $100 or more per hour for their services, in addition to sales from other training products.


What is the difference between a Sublime Gamer trainer and coach:


A trainer is someone who teaches another player his or her technical understanding of a game, as well as his techniques, strategies, and mindset for the greatest chances of success.  The trainer works one-on-one with a player or small group of players and watches them play, gives them feedback, corrects their technique, tests them to ensure growth, and does everything he or she can to help the trainee improve as quickly as possible within their training sessions.


A coach is someone who works with a player or team and is there to help them prepare for and play well in competitive matches.  Other traits we like to see in our coaches are an ability to inspire, solid organizational skills, attentiveness, a strategic mindset, and genuine care for his or her team’s success and well being.  Coaches help players and teams to believe that they can accomplish their goals, and develop effective strategies to help them do so.  Coaches organize team practices, create powerful strategies for training and match play, motivate and inspire everyone to play their best, and keep the team focused on it’s goals.

If you are an experienced coach that would like to train others to be skilled coaches, we welcome you as well.  The ability to effectively train others to be coaches will be an in demand skill set for our community that will help us provide as many teams as possible with leadership.

It is possible to be both a coach and a trainer on our site.


Here is a list of the traits that we prefer for our trainers and coaches:

  • Enjoy working with people you don’t know and helping them improve
  • Patience and a positive attitude
  • A high level of knowledge and skill in the game(s) you wish to train others in
  • A commitment to continuous growth as a trainer or coach
  • Willingness to receive constructive criticism and continuously improve your training techniques
  • Dependable high speed internet connection

Please fill out the trainer application below if you are interested in working as a gaming trainer. If you have any issues with the form below please let us know via the contact page.


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