Gamer Training

The Sublime Gamer offers one-on-one training with high level gamers of many multiplayer games, catered to your individual needs.


This allows you to hire our trainers to help you to improve much faster than you could on their own.  Imagine having one of the best players in your favorite game work with you one-on-one and scour your skillset looking for and removing any weaknesses, and helping you build your strengths sky high!


You can grow your skills in a game exponentially faster by hiring one of our highly skilled trainers to work with you.  And you do not have to have any experience at all in a game to hire a trainer.  They will be happy to show you the ropes and teach you the basics, as well higher level skills and strategies when you are ready for them.


Each of our trainers has their own profile page on our site.  Here you can see what games they can train you in, read customer reviews of their training sessions, read about their style and training philosophy, and sign up to receive training sessions.  All training sessions come with a money back guarantee.


Below is a growing list of games that we are offering training in.  If there is a game that you would like to be trained in or train others in that is not on our list, please email us via the contact page.  Click on a game’s name to go to a list of trainers for that game.  The number of trainers for a game is listed in parenthesis like this (123).  The website has only just launched in February 2017, and we are in the process of adding trainers.  Please check back regularly if you don’t see a trainer for your desired game, or subscribe to our email newsletter where we notify our readers of all of the new trainers we sign on, in addition to great gaming content.

If you are interested in becoming one of our trainers, click the “Careers” tab above.